• 40 years
    of Excellence in Education
    We offer an educational program that fosters a love of learning.
  • Learners Today,
    Leaders Tomorrow
    To develop students into true leaders who always seek to broaden their perspective and
    face life’s challenges with courage and conviction.
  • To empower students
    with knowledge and wisdom
    Our curriculum is dynamic, challenging, application based, integrated and relevant, to
    cherish, nurture and cultivate the imagination and the self-esteem of young minds.
  • Experience the Joy of Discovery
    Develop passion for learning
    We offer a wide array of learning opportunities, sports, field
    trips, seminars, interactive sessions, music, art and craft, community service, presentations etc.

Welcome To White House Grammar School

White House Grammar School is one of the prestigious institutions in Karachi, established in 1981. It provides education to children from 2 to 15 years of age for academic levels Montessori to Matric/O Level. Since then, WHGS has sustainably grown into a well-integrated network of 11 purpose-built campuses in all areas of Karachi with centralized and uniform curriculum, assessments, co-curricular activities.

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To empower students with knowledge and wisdom to thrive as academically sound, technically proficient, morally conscientious and socially adaptive citizens of a global society.


To establish our identity as an institution forming a central part of a promising social and cultural community.

Principles & Core values

Facilitating Leadership

“Leaders are born not made”. At WHGS this cliché is reversed as “Leaders are made not born” as we believe in cultivating leadership qualities by developing curricula and polishing strengths of our students.

Passionately Pursuing Performance

At WHGS we believe in motivating our students and employees intrinsically and extrinsically to achieve excellence.

Technology Based Teaching

In order to compete with the modern world our mandatory and optional course work is IT integrated.

The Teamwork Approach

Collaboration leads to new and innovative ideas. Therefore, we believe in honing team work approach.










Our team of talented, dedicated, and experienced school staff is committed to instilling a love of learning in your child.